About Us


The Southern Men’s Worker Lodge # 7 was established in 2002 and is located in Athens, Georgia

Having completed roughly two decades of service to the local community, we represent a diverse group of contractors such as roofers, concrete contractors, landscapers, tree service companies, construction workers, etc. We are known for giving extraordinary representation that puts our members before anything else. Together, our team works to ensure the rights and jobs of our members whilst making sure that fairness, equality, and justice is maintained in the workplace as well as the community.

Our main goal is to make sure that we create a platform where all contractors from diversified trades come together as a single unit. The main reason behind this is the need to have a strong unified local unit of contractors with the aim of providing services for the community. We at Southern Men’s Workers Lodge # 7, also believe that workplace safety and regulations are of critical importance to not only the workers but to the community as well.

Unions are more important today than they ever were. It is no secret that in the United States of America, the nature of work is continuously changing. Workers have less power when they act individually. But acting together as a group, they can bring a real change. Unions are the collective voice of workers. Unions are the workers’ watchdogs, using their power to ensure that workers’ rights under the law are protected.

Companies and employers concerned about long-term profitability and quality services want to maintain a supply of skilled labor. The basic reason for this is simple: if unions provide a voice to workers, the number of dissatisfied workers who leave is reduced. That’s where the Southern Men’s Worker Lodge comes in. We not only build a network of local contractors but also are a trusted name in regard to creating a relationship of trust between the community and our members.

Bringing together the contractors of Athens, GA is our top priority. Contractors from diversified trades are members of the Southern Men’s Worker Lodge, where we act as a single unit, a family, protecting the interests of all local workers and their families. You work in public service because you care about your community. We can do more for our neighbors, our families, and each other if we speak with one voice. When we organize as a union, we gain the strength to make real change. Together, we speak with one voice that no one can ignore — not our bosses, not the people we serve, and not our elected officials at any level.


When more working people are members, the local as well as national economy does better. Unions have a strong positive effect not only on the wages of their members, but also on the wages of non-union members. Our Lodge helps boost the wages of middle- and low-wage occupations more than high-income ones, thus reducing inequality, which in turn helps boost the economy.

The Southern Men’s worker Lodge is all about creating a strong social unit in the community, striving for the betterment of everyone.

Interested in Joining?

Our lodge is more than just a union. Our members — workers like you — benefit the most from the union’s collective bargaining capacity to have negotiations with employers on their behalf. This essential right gives you, as a member, more control and power than if you attempted to negotiate as an individual.

Our Lodge works to ensure the rights and jobs of our members and to improve the lives of all contractors across Athens. We aim to provide outstanding representation, which puts our members and union first. Highly skilled and dedicated union representatives will work to protect our members’ rights, resolve problems and negotiate strong collective agreements.

It’s proven that workers who are trade union members earn more than non-unionized workers. Trade unions use their collective muscle to bargain for better salaries, pensions, holidays, health insurance, sick pay, overtime and more. Trade unions hammer out negotiations with management to get the best possible deal for employees, so you don’t have to.

We have your back. Not only do we inform you about your rights and privileges as workers, we will also defend your rights. In case that your employer treats you unreasonably, you can depend on the help and support from our lodge. A union representative is a go-to person when you’re unhappy at work or the management is behaving badly with you.

Our lodge strives for equal rights and equal pay. We strive to ensure that our members are treated with respect and dignity at their workplaces, whilst also being guided on how they can make their workplaces safer. We have also experienced that unionized workplaces are much safer. That’s because the only people who can assess the workplace risks are the ones who are at risk- the workers. Therefore, we ensure that the members are provided with safe working conditions with set standards of workplace health and safety. As our lodge aims to create a relationship of trust between the community and the contractors, we believe in providing educational opportunities and resources to help members gain the skills and knowledge they need to improve their work and achieve their goals.

On average, union workers are more likely to enjoy better benefits compared to non-union employees. That includes health, retirement accounts, and paid sick leave. Again, union representatives work out these details as a part of the collective bargaining agreement with the employer. According to a recent study, the benefits of being a union member go well beyond decent wages and retirement security. The authors found that union members are more satisfied with their lives than those who are non-members. In other words, the Southern Men’s Worker Lodge will boost the overall quality of life of their members.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us to know more about how joining our Lodge will be the best decision for you and your family.